Special EMS Operations

Medic On-Site is an Indiana State Certified Paramedic, Emergency Provider. We provide emergency medical services for any public gathering such as: Sporting events, corporate gatherings, festivals, concerts and races. Medic On-Site Services also provides inter-facility and long distance transfers.

PGA – Professional National Championship

Medic On-Site Services provided mobile medical clinic staffed with an emergency physician, paramedic and advanced EMT for the PGA tournaments held in French Lick, Indiana.

Tri-State Speedway

Several events covered by Medic On-Site Services paramedics and EMT's.

Venu Works - Ford Center Evansville

Medic On-Site Services is the provider of event medical services at the Ford Center Evansville.

University of Southern Indiana

Medic On-Site Services provided event medical services staffed with advanced EMT's and paramedic for the USI Night Flight.