Fire Watch Services

A "Fire Watch" is an individual or group responsible for keeping a lookout for fire dangers at a job site. This watch is particularly important in situations where assembly or welding work is being conducted, as these jobs typically create dangerous sparks.

A "Fire Watch" can also be required in occupied buildings where the Fire Alarm / Suppression Systems are not operational.

Medic On-Site provides competent and highly trained Fire Watch Employees to all areas of industry. We staff technicians for construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas operations. Our employees are trained to survey the work area, assess any fire hazards, alert operations to these hazards, eliminate or inert the hazard, gather and maintain the appropriate fire suppression equipment, maintain a constant and alert watch for any fire hazards or fires while work is being done, react appropriately in the event these arise, and to remain in place for at least 30 minutes post operations to verify the absence of any fire hazards or combustion according to OSHA standards. Most of our employees are local Firefighters and all that work must be trained to the Mandatory FireFighter Level or higher in the state of Indiana.