Rescue and Standby Services

Medic On-Site Special Operations Team can provide your project with personnel specially trained and certified in confined space rescue, water rescue, trench rescue, rope rescue, and vehicle/machinery rescue.

Confined Space / Standby / Rescue Services

  • Attendant/Hole watch services
  • High or Low Angle Stand-By and Rescue

Water Rescue / Water Event Stand-by

Construction / Industrial Diver Surface Support

Industrial Firefighting & Hazardous Materials Standby

  • Hot work and fire watch services
  • Lion Apparel Verified Advanced Inspection Training for Structural & Proximity Gear

Rope Rescue Services

  • High & Low Angle Stand-by and Rescue
  • Full line of certified ASR and Yates gear available

Trench / Excavation Rescue Services

  • PARATECH Rescue Systems