Need Medical Professionals...

...on Standby at Your Event?

Get emergency medical services in Evansville, IN or nearby areas

At Medic On-Site Services LLC, our core focus is on complete on-site occupational health and safety. From basic first-aid training with certified first responders to advanced life support with certified paramedics or registered nurses, we can tailor medical service packages to meet your needs.

We're based in Evansville, IN, but our current clients are located in several states, and we're expanding throughout the United States. Don't wait to ask about our emergency medical services, ambulance services or other medical assistance services.

Discover what we can do for you

We're here for a variety of medical service needs. You can turn to us for:

If you need routine drug tests for your employees, you can sign up for a drug and alcohol test program. Reach out to us today to let us know how we can help you.

Need to host your own training session?

You can book a conference room or training room at our facility in Evansville, IN. Our conference room can fit up to 300 people, and it's equipped with chairs, tables, a kitchen, projector, sound system and stage.

If you need a more intimate space for small-group training, our training rooms can fit 14 people. They're the perfect place for your group to meet and learn in a quiet and calm environment. Call us now at 812-204-9283 to book a room.

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