Unit #3249

  • 2015 AEV Ford Ambulance
  • EMS ID 3249
  • ALS Transport Unit

Unit #3655

  • 2015 AEV Ford Ambulance
  • EMS ID 3655
  • ALS Transport Unit

Unit #3249

  • 2002 Ford E-350 Ambulance
  • EMS ID 3179
  • ALS Transport Unit

Unit #3326

  • 2002 Ford E-450 Amublance
  • EMS ID 3326
  • ALS Transport Unit

Ford F-450

  • 2015 Ford F-450
  • Waiting for EMS ID
  • ALS Non-Transport
  • Owner's Vehicle

Ford F-250

  • 2002 Ford F-250
  • EMS ID 3099
  • ALS Non-Transport

Ford F-350

  • 2003 Ford F-350 Dually
  • EMS ID 3098
  • ALS Non-Transport


Our Kubota's are generally used to get around events we do EMS standby's for. They are equipped with lights and sirens to navigate through crowds as well as have Stryker cots mounted on them to transport patients.

Audiometric & Health Occ Bus

Our health occupations bus is utilized to drive to job sites and perform audiometric testing as well as any health occupational needs. We also utilize it as a standby location and headquarters for larger EMS standby events.

Fire Training Trailer

Our Fire Training Trailer is utilized for our Indiana State Fire Certification Courses. It holds items we need to complete student skills.

Technical Rescue & Special Ops Trailer

Our Technical Rescue Trailer is utilized the majority of the time for our rescue teams to operate on scene. The trailer is stocked with many things including Rescue Rope, Air Monitoring Equipment, TriPod, etc.

Confined Space Training Trailer

Used to train employees On-Site in Confined Space Operations and Rescue

SCBA Trailer

The SCBA trailer is used to maintain and service SCBA's for local Fire Departments and companies that utilize them.